How To Get Your Own Jeans Designs Made in China?

2022-07-19 22:36:07

If you are planning to import jeans wears from China? In this blog, I will let you know how to select the right jeans manufacturer and jeans wholesalers.

Find a good jeans manufacturer in China

Not all jeans manufacturers supply high quality jeans. Choosing jeans factories online without verifying if the supplier is able to reach your quality requirements, is likely to make your business unhealthy. I listed some factors that really matter when selecting jeans manufacturers in China.

1. Production Range

All clothing factories can be only specialized in manufacturing some certain clothing categories. If you plan to import jeans from China, you need to look  for jeans manufacturers, specifically. Not just clothing manufacturer, because the machines are different for making jeans and other clothing. And also jeans need to be washed after sewing.

2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirement

All suppliers set a MOQ requirement on each item. For example, if the supplier sets MOQ of 500 pcs per style, you must purchase at least 500 pieces – or they can not accept your order. In jeans industry, the MOQ normally set of 200-300 pcs per design per color. But if you need custom fabric, the MOQ will be 3000-5000 m. As such, you can reduce the overall MOQ by using the same fabric on different designs or colors.

3. Jeans Customization

Most clothing manufacturers don't keep apparels in stock. Instead, they offer production as an "on-demand" service. As such, they don't keep stock but only make custom production whenever an order comes in from a foreign or domestic buyer. In vdesign jeans factory, you can make custom jeans here. Once you need your own designed jeans manufactured, you can send us an inquiry. We will support you with one stop full service on custom jeans, from fabric sourcing to custom logo on accessoires.

4. Jeans Quality Assessment

After you found a few jeans manufacturers, it's time to check what quality they provide. In this part, you will need to order some samples and implement a quality assurance strategy.

How To Get Your Own Jeans Designs Made in China?

First you need to select a design that you are going to get it manufactured. To make your own jeans design there are 5 steps to go for.

1. Create Jeans Designs

In this step, jeans fitting will be settled according to your jeans measurement. Then you can bring all custom jeans ideas to design your own jeans for your brand. And you can design your logo on jeans.

2. Sewing Patterns

Once you have a complete design sample, it's time to move on to production. In this stage, jeans will be cut and finished sewing according to the designs you confirmed.

3. Washing Jeans To The Color You Want

4. Packing & Quality Inspection

5. Shipping

Vdesign fashion is a professional jeans manufacturer in China, you can make custom jeans for men, women and kids. They supply high quality jeans at cheap price.

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