Newest Jeans Trends For The Coming Season

2022-11-17 00:31:50

Newest Jeans Trends For The Coming Season

As Autumn is coming, we'll be updating our wardrobes, and changing our jeans is a top priority. Because jeans are one of the most essential fashion elements in autumn and winter. For clothing stores, offering the newest trend jeans is probably the most important thing. Jeans are the foundation of some of our favorite outfits, but jean trends change every now and then. So keeping an eye on top denim trends is making sure your store offers the latest jeans outfit to your customers. In this post we are going to share the top trend in jeans for the coming season.

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With an eye on current denim outfits in the brand's stores, we gathered some custom jeans ideas to create new denim designs with the hotest trends. Here, we provide the hottest denim style trends in Fall and Winter for your reference, you can pick some fashion elements to create your own jeans for your brand.

Ripped Jeans

Are ripped jeans still in fashion? The answer is absolutely yes. Ripped denim was invented by the Americans, who originally invented ripped jeans not for fashion, but to express their resistance to the mainstream. Today, people fall in love with ripped jeans purely based on modern visuals and trends. Celebrities who are at the forefront of fashion are naturally fond of this uninhibited trend. In recent years, ripped knee skinny jeans are a symbol of street fashion.

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Dirty Wash Jeans

Since vintage washed jeans have been popular for many years, some designers are tend to design jeans to look more dirty. It's new jeans trend. These dirty washed jeans are great casual streatwears for young people. They can styled with 5 pockets, side pockets and zippers, etc.

dirty washed jeans trend

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can never go out of fashion, it's the perfect fit to show body curves. So when you go to the wholesale jeans market you can see all vendors offer skinny jeans this year. How to style skinny jeans? It can be designed into different colors, in autumn and winter, dark blue and black jeans are the trends in jeans.

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Embroidered Jeans

After spending months and years wearing basic jeans, many people are getting bored with 5 pockets jeans. You can take a new denim trend here, it's embroidery jeans. Embroidered details on jeans give your pants a kind of DIY look. Embroidery denim is one of the latest fashion trends this year. Any denim outfits can be designed with some types of embroidery embellishment. From cropped jeans and jackets to high -waisted denim shorts and mini skirts. It seems that every brands offer embroidered jeans this year.

Embroidered jeans trend

Patched Jeans

In autum and winter, patched jeans are the denim trend we can try again. We can do patch work on distressed jeans, using a small piece of cloth and stitch it under the rips. It's also call Rip & Repaired jeans. This denim trend is for both men and women. There are some other type of patched jeans that are making the patches of embroidered details first and then stitch it on jeans, or just put a certain designed shape with cloth or leather and stitch it on jeans.

Patched jeans

Stacked Jeans

Creating new denim outfits for your brand with the latest jeans trends. Vdesign makes custom jeans for brands, wholesalers, clothing chain stores with new fashion trends, we can produce any type of jeans according to your designs. Start your new collection from here.

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