How to Measure Jeans Waist, Rise and Length?

2022-08-05 15:18:34

How to Measure Jeans?

When you make custom jeans, the most important thing is confirming jeans fitting. That's why jeans manufacturers will always ask if you have a specific size chart. Whether a pair of jeans looking good or not are mostly depending on jeans fit. So let's show you how to measure jeans size. These 8 parts influnce the fit of jeans: Waist, Hip, Thign, Knee, Leg Open, Length, Front Rise and Back Rise. We just took a vedio to explain how to measure jeans, you can whatch it below.

How to Measure Jeans Waist

To measure jeans waist, firstly keep jeans button and zipper close, and then put the jeans relaxed and flat on a table, use a ruler to measure jeans waist across waistband from left corner to right corner. You can see in the picture, it is a size 32 (16"*2) jeans. We normally make jeans true to size, sometimes our clients request 0.5 inch decrease for stretch jeans. We can make adjustment accordingly.

how to measure jeans waist

How to Measure Hip on Jeans Pants

To measure jeans hip, first find the point at 3 inches up from crotch, then through the point measure hip width from one edge to the other side on the front. See in the picture, it shows the jeans hip width is 40 inches. Hip size are changeable according to jeans fit.

jeans hip measurement

how to measure jeans hips

How to Measure Thigh of Jeans Pants

Measure jeans thigh at 1 inch down from the crotch seam, them measure jeans thigh to the leg edge like the picture shows below. You shuld keep jeans flat when take jeans measurements. thigh from crotch to the side.

jeans measurement

How to Measure Knee for Jeans

Measure jeans on knee at 13 inches below crotch, then measure jeans knee edge to edge like picture showes.

jeans size measurement

jeans knee measurement

How to Measure Leg Opening for Jeans

Measure jeans leg opening at edge of hem, like the picture below. It showes the hem measurement is 6.5inch.

measure jeans leg opening

How to Measure Jeans Rise: Front Rise and Back Rise

Rise measurement: 1, Front rise: measure front rise from crotch to the top center edge area including waistband. 2, Back rise: measure back rise from crotch to the top edge area from backside.

front rise measurement

jeans rise measurement

How to Measure Jeans Length: Inseam & Outseam

There are 2 ways to measure jeans length, inseam and outseam. Normally we use only one to define jeans length on size chart. We measure inseam from crotch to hem like in the picture (left), and measure jeans outseam from top of waistband to the bottom edge like in the picture (right).

how to measure jeans length

When make custom jeans, you can buy a sample which you are satisfied with the fitting. And then take the jeans measurement on each part of the jeans like the way shown above, and record all the figures you get. Measure only one jeans is enough, jeans factory designer will calculate for the other sizes according to jeans size conversion.

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