Custom Bling Outfit for Your Jeans Brand

2022-08-16 00:53:10

Custom Bling Outfit For Your Brand: Diamond Jeans & Sequin Denim Jackets

Today, VDESIGN selected some bling outfit denim wears for you to add to your denim collection. From diamond jeans, to sequin denim jackets. Those unique designs will really stand out in your jeans wholesale store. As a jeans manufacturer, we hope to find some customers to cooperate, we can help you to make your own designs for your brand. And our price will be really competitive.

  • Diamond Jeans & Sequin Jeans

We can design a bling jeans with diamond stones or sequins on top of jeans like the pictures below, we normally make sequin jeans by embroidery, and for stone jeans we sometimes make with hot transfer craft and some times we do hand sewn or rivets styles.

diamond jeans

VDESIGN also make diamond jeans for men. In men jeans we normally put diamons on clothing patches and then stitch the patch under a hole on jeans. Those stone color and cloth color can be customized.

diamond jeans for men

  • Studded Jeans & Stdudded Denim Jackets

To make bling outfit on denims, we can also make metal rivets studded on jeans and jackets. If you are looking to make bling jeans, just send inquiry to us about your needs. If you have your own designs or just have idea image, we can make your dreams come true.

studded jeans and jacket for men

We can make pearl studded jackets and jeans for women, it's very common in recent years. If you are interested in pearl jeans, we can create your own designs for you.

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  • Sequin Denim Jackets

Get the best custom service for sequin denim jackets in VDESIGN jeans factory, we provide large sellection of designs and we can creage new designs for you according to your needs.

bling sequin denim jackets

VDESIGN brings some more bling jeans styles and diamond jeans at below. If you are looking to get your own designed jeans, jackets, t-shirts manufactured, you can start working with us. We are confident to say that you will be happy to work with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

sequin jeans

bling studded jeans

If you would like to discuss a custom jeans order with us, please feel free to contact us. We offer full service of custom jeans.

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