4 Steps to Teach You How to Design Custom Jeans

2022-07-05 14:55:47

4 Steps to Teach You How to Design Custom Jeans

Today we are going to share some custom jeans ideas with you, hope it will help when you create your own custom jeans designs. If you are planning to start a new jeans collection for your store. You should do research of the jeans trends for your market first, to find what is hot now. Because jeans fashion is changing every year. Let’s continue reading the ideas of custom jeans designs. When designing jeans, there are four aspects we need to consider.

custom jeans idea

  • Choose Denim Fabric for Your Custom Jeans Design

There are varieties of denim fabrics on the market for you to select. Choosing a suitable material for your custom jeans designs is very important. You should be sure if it is stretch jeans and what color and how thick you want the jeans to be. Jeans designer will work with it in different washing colors. We commonly use 10-13 oz fabrics on our jeans. 

custom jeans designs

  • Confirm Fitting of Your Custom Jeans Designs

Before making custom jeans design, you need to confirm jeans fit first. This is very important because when customers wear it, they will feel whether it is comfortable and how it looks. For women: skinny jeans,mom jeans, boyfriend jeans and flared jeans are still in fashion this years. For men: skinny jeans, slim fit jeans and stacked jeans are also popular. You can confirm jeans fit that are suitable for you according to the hot-selling jeans in your market. We suggest that you make several styles in each fit to offer more options for your customers, so it will increase your wholesale or retail jeans business.

custom jeans ideas

  • Create Your Own Jeans Styles for Your Brand

Whether you are a jeans wholesaler or a jeans brand owner, we strongly recommend that you start making custom jeans. There are thousands of jeans styles supplied by different jeans suppliers. Today we will take some trendy jeans for example, to share some custom jeans ideas with you. First of all, let's talk about basic jeans, there is a saying that jeans trends come and go, but classics are forever. It's describing the basic 5 pockets jeans. And that's true. Basic jeans can be designed with holes and rips. You know so many people are keen on ripped jeans designs. Many designer make ripped on knee jeans for men and women.

custom ripped jeans

The trendy styles are not just ripped jeans. Now, let's introduce another option that you can add to your custom jeans list. That's side pockets jeans. One jeans shop keeper said men's side pocket jeans are an essential item in any wardrobe. Side pockets jeans are designed with a basic jeans and add side flap pockets with button closure at side. It's a hot style for men, you can make side pockets jeans for your store also. If you need guidance with the custom jeans design, you can contact us directly, we offer full custom jeans service.

custom side pocket jeans

We've talked about ripped jeans and side pockets jeans. Here is another jeans collection that you can create for your store is denim overalls. People like to wear denim overalls because it looks cute.

Denim overalls for women

If you want to add a bling outfit to your collection, the diamond jeans and sequin jeans are recommended. Bling outfit jeans are porpular in men and women fashion. We make a lot of diamond stone jeans for men, and pearls denim jackets for women in our factory. Bling jeans is a good try, we can make metal studded design, or hand sewn design or embroidery.

custom jeans designs

The next series we recommend is paint and printed jeans. It's hand craft work, often do with screen print, splatter paint, spray paint and brush paint on jeans. You can design jeans for your brand in VDESIGN jeans factory, we manufacture premium jeans with good price.

printed and painted jeans

  • Finalize Jeans Design with Washing Jeans Colors

The quality of jeans is inseparable from the washing effect. Washing method play an important role in denim manufacturing. Common washing methods are enzyme wash, vintage wash, ACID wash, dirty wash, sand wash, stone wash etc. Here we suggest some popular washing colors for your reference.

jeans colors

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