Make custom jeans for your own brand

2022-07-30 12:39:05

Make custom jeans for your brand

There are many denim brands on the market. To make your jeans stand out of them, you have to make your brand jeans or brand unique. If you want to create something special for your wholesale jeans store, you will need a jeans factory to make custom jeans for you, our jeans factory supports jeans customization service.

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Here are some tips on how to make your custom jeans designs.

1. Confirm fitting

First, you have to decide which type fit you and what types you want on your jeans. (Skinny jeans, Slim jeans or Regular jeans etc.) If you have a jeans size chart, that will be great, jean factories will make jeans according to your size chart.

2. Made design

After you confirm the fitting, you can start to design your own jeans. You can design according to recent hot jeans, or you can bring your ideas to jeans. Anyway, you can make any custom jeans designs in the factory.

3. Branding

After you finished design, in orde to show your brand, you want to put your brand logo on the design custom jeans. Typically, brand a jeans, we need make custom jeans accessories. Such as bottons, hang tags, woven labels and leather patches etc. You can tell your jeans manufacturer and supplier about your requirements.

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In a word, if you want make custom jeans for your own brand, you should find the real jean factory and jean manufacturer. Vdesign is one of the Jean manufacturer and supplier, which have more than 15 years experience on custom jeans producing, Welcome to inquiry.

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