Buy Wholesale Jeans From China Jeans Factory Suppliers

2022-08-12 16:53:31

Buy Wholesale Jeans From China Jeans Factory Suppliers

Guangdong has become a major clothing province in China since the 1990s, and Guangzhou is also a major clothing distribution center in the country. It's reported that Guangdong has the most and largest professional wholesale clothing markets and fabric accessories wholesale markets in the country. Under the new development pattern, the international trade of the textile industry has encountered new challenges. However, industry insiders pointed out that Guangdong's textile and garment industry has a good momentum of stable development. On the one hand, it is related to the great industrial foundation, on the other hand, with the continuous transformation and upgrading in recent years to improve product quality, it is actively moving towards the road of high-quality development. As the largest and best jeans production and wholesale center in China, today let's introduce some famous jeans wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

Denim Wholesale Jeans Market

As you may know, guangzhou is the largest fashion wholesale center in China. You can buy all kind of wholesale apparels here. In this post we are going to introduce some well-known clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou. If you are looking for wholesale denim jeans suppliers, here is your destination, Vdesign owns a jeans factory in China, we supply denim wholesale jeans at competitive price. China has a complete supply chain of denim fabric / denim clothing accessories / denim jeans designs / denim jeans production / jeans wholesale etc. Let's check some of the famous wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou at below.

1. Zhongda Textile & Garment Accessories Zone

Zhongda Textile and Apparel Accessories Zone is located on Ruikang Road, Haizhu District, covering an area of about 1.5 million square meters, with 59 sub-markets, about 23,000 stores, a total construction area of about 3 million square meters, and more than 100,000 varieties of clothing fabrics and accessories supplied. It is the largest and unique textile and apparel accessories market in the world in terms of operating area, employees, daily passenger flow, operating varieties, transaction scale and influence. You can find all type of clothing material and accessories here, including denim fabrics and denim accessories.

2. Guangzhou Zhanxi Fashion Wholesale Market.

Zhan Xi Fashion Wholesale Market is located in the west of Guangzhou Railway Station. It is a clothing distribution center in Guangzhou, and mainly for foreign trade wholesale clothing. Here you can find all kind of high quality fashion wears. It's closely follow the US and Europe fashion trends. There are many replica denim jeans suppliers in ZhanXi clothing wholesale market, they sell world famous brand jeans and apparels at fare price.

Guangzhou Denim Jeans Suppliers

3. Guangzhou Yulong Clothing Wholesale Center

Guangzhou Yulong Clothing Wholesale Center is located in Guangyuan Xi road. You can take GZ metro line 2 and drop at Sanyuanli station. The wholesale center is just beside Sanyuanli metro station Exit D. There are many wholesale plazas along Guangyuan xi road. The markets here are mostly made for African Market. Many affrican and mid-east people come here to buy jeans and other clothing. They also take custom orders and replace order to jeans factory in Xintang.

4. Guangzhou Zhanqian Road Wholesale Center

Zhanqian Road Wholesale Center is opposite to Guangzhou Railway Station. There are many fashion wholesale plazas around. You can find all kind of fashion clothes here, there are many shops owned by foreigners. Wholesale jeans suppliers around this area are mainly supplying medium and high quality jeans. Most buyers are from China, Russia and Mid-East countries.

Guangzhou Wholesale Clothing Center

5. Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Wholesale Center

Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Wholesale Center is in Tianhe district. There are many buildings mainly sell men's and women's jeans, you fashionable jeans for men in Wanjia Clothing Plaza and Yimin Wholesale Clothing Center. And you can find trendy jeans for women in Dashidai building, Nancheng and Beicheng. Guangzhou Shahe Wholesale Clothing Center are mainly selling to the domestic markets and online stores.

China wholesale jeans suppliers

6. ShisanHang clothing wholesale center.

ShisanHang clothing wholesale center is a high quality fashion clothing wholesale center for chinese market. Most designs are following the korean styles.

jeans factory suppler

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