Fashion boo-boos

2018-12-17 12:17:38

Not all of us have figures of supermodels and certainly not all of us dress like one. However, there are just some fashion mistakes that any girl must not make, regardless of her level of "fashion-consciousness".

The wrong bag + the wrong shoes = The wrong outfit 

Your bag and shoes are ultimately the finishing touches to your whole outfit and wearing the wrong accessories would just make you whole image fall flat. So, pay special attention! For example, don't pair a long dress with a backpack. And high heels do not go with your miniskirt because you are not Gisele Bundchen and neither are you a KTV hostess.

Length matters.

If you truly want to dress in style, the length is important. Wear any pair of high-waisted, tapered jeans and you will look like you've just stepped out of the 1980s. Pairing a cropped top with high-cut jeans and you will look like you have a short torso. Fashion experts have also come up with a suggestion: The shorter you are, the longer your pants should be. The ideal pant length for girls is one that nicely touches the back of your shoe if you are wearing flats or covers at least three-quarters of your heel.

Brand is not everything, fit is.

Don't be tempted to buy that pair of jeans just because they look on most girls out there. If they don't fit, there is no point wasting your money on them. I have tried loads of pairs of the new Levi's 593 Super Low jeans, but I have rarely found one that actually fits all around. So before you show off, make sure it really fits you all around, or you will be left with tons of regrets and a hole in pocket.

Don't be a fashion victim.

Before you rush to buy the hat that have been so popular among your friends, think carefully: will it last you for at least the next year? Most probably not. The world of fashion is extremely changeable and most trends don't last more than a few months. Remember the thick platforms popular among young people years ago? Will you still wear them today? Fashion trends come and go and staying in Asia does not help us one bit because trends take a longer time to reach us. The peasant fad sparked off by Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, seem to be the rage in Orchard Road now but it is long gone in America. Instead of spending on that "hot" item,

use your money wisely and invest in items that will always be classics, like: a well-cut pair of jeans, a little black dress or a leather tote bag.

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