Jeans from work uniform to a symbol of fashion

2020-01-05 13:53:16

Jeans is a pant made from denim or dungaree fabric. It has a reputation of never go out of fashion. Because it is functional and practical, that is why it can so popular yearly. Today let us take a look at how jeans are expanded to nowadays fashion.

fashion jeans

In the1920th, Jeans is known as work uniform: Jeans are worn by the workers and farmers in the 1920th. 

the first women jeans

Women jeans started In 1930th: jeans comes with more styles, and they are not just a work pants for men. Ladies also started to wear jeans.

bell bottom jeans come in fashion

In 1970th, flare jeans was in fashion. People in bell bottom jeans are everywhere on the street.

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