Why jeans price is so different?

2021-11-06 20:54:31

Why Jeans Price Are So Different?

What influence jeans price?

After you checked many jeans suppliers online, you will find the jeans price are so different. Today we are going to talck why jeans price are so different. Before we answer you this question, you have to know what exactly matters the price of jeans. Jeans price is determined by the fabric, workmanship quality, washing process, difficulty of the jeans design and packing accessories etc. OK, Let's go on with the details.

1: Denim fabric

Denim fabric play a very important role in jeans production. There are many types of denim fabrics, we usually distinguish them according to the fabric composition and thickness. We describe fabric composition with percentage. We commonly useed fabrics are: 100% cotton; 98% cotton + 2% spandex; 75% cotton +23% polyester + 2% spandex; and 70% cotton + 30% polyester. Fabric which contains spandex, means it is stretch fabric. We describe denim fabric thickness with ounce. 10-13oz denim fabrics are often used on denim jeans and jackets.

How denim fabric influence jeans cost? Let me tell you the truth. In denim industry, The higher the cotton content, the more expensive the price will be.

So after you read this paragraph, you understand why some jeans are more expensive, don't you?

2: Denim workmanship quality

Workmanship quality maters jeans price. Because make good quality jeans consume a bit longer time. How to tell a good quality jeans? The quality of denim workmanship is reflected in the following aspects.

1. Overall stitching. A good quality jeans is stitched properly. And the needle pitch is above 8 needles per inch.

2. The detail working. Stitching goes straight properly. And there is no broken sewing edges.

3: Denim washing process

You might heard of different method of jeans washings. Like: Garment wash, Enzyme wash, Bleach wash, ACID wash, Sand wash, Tie dye wash etc. Of course different wash type the price will be different. And there are a lot of washing process, such as: destroy work, monkey wash, mustache effect, crinkle wash etc. All in all, the more detail works on the jeans the price will be more expensive.

4: Denim style difficulties

Nowadays, 5 pockets jeans are more in fashion. A while ago, we made some very complecate designs like the picture below. There are a lot of works on special designs. That is why it maters jeans price.

5: Accessories

You can see many accessories used on denim, such as: Buttons, Zipper, Front pocket fabric, Leather Patch and so on. Let's look how accessories influence jeans price. For example, if you require to use YKK zipper on jeans, it increased the cost of your jeans, because YKK zipper is as twice more expensive as no brand good quality zipper.

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