• Newest Jeans Trends For The Coming Season

    2023-09-17 Post

    Here we share some hot jeans trend for the comming seasons, you can pick some new fashion elements to create your own jeans for your brand.

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  • How to Start A Jeans Brand For Your Business?

    admin 2022-08-19 Post

    A professional jeans manufactuer can help clothing business vendors to start their own jeans brand, Vdesign is aiming to create strong denim line for jeans wholesaler and brand owners.

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  • Wholesale Different Styles Of Tendy Jeans For Men

    admin 2022-08-18 Post

    Check out the newest trending jeans in this post, we've listed some different styles of trendy jeans for men for wholesale.

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  • China Stretch Denim Clothing Wholesale Supplier

    admin 2022-08-09 Post

    Vdesign is a professional jeans clothing manufacturer and wholesale jeans supplier in China, we supply wholesale tretch jeans at best price.

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  • Different Types Of Jeans For Men And Women In Jeans Shop

    admin 2022-08-07 Post

    The types of jeans can be divided into different groups by its fit, design, color, waistline and fabric thickness, for example, according jeans fit, it can be divided into skinny jeans, slim jeans, flared pants, etc.

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  • Women's Denim Design - Women's Jeans Wholesale

    admin 2022-08-01 Post

    Wholesale Women Jeans Supplier,Jeans supplier China | China jeans manufacturer | We are well aware of the latest women fashion trends and styles that’s why we only manufacturer the best-looking jeans that make you look good in the crowd.

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  • Make custom jeans for your own brand

    Editor 2022-07-30 Post

    If you want to create something special for your wholesale jeans store, you will need a jeans factory to make custom jeans for you. Vdesign is one of the Jean manufacturer and supplier, which have more than 15 years experience on custom jeans producing

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  • How To Choose Jeans Manufacturer To Make Private Label Jeans

    admin 2022-07-28 Post

    VDESIGN is one of the leading jeans manufacturers in China, we make custom jeans for private label brands in premium quality with competitive price.

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