• Men's & Women's Wholesale Jeans Suppliers

    admin 2021-09-18 Post

    We are the premier online wholesale fashion denim clothing marketplace. New fashion designers are added every week, so check back often for the latest in wholesale fashion denim clothing.

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  • Tips for Conora Virus Disease 2019

    Editor 2020-04-06 Post

    VDESIGN Family hopes you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during the Corona virus (COVID-19) period. It seems the virus spread seriously all over the world.

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  • What is the most important factor of the jeans?

    刘家齐 2019-08-26 Post

    Jeans are a special kind of clothing. The main feature of jeans is it can last long time. Fabric is the most important factor of the jeans. As jean manufacturer and supplier, Vdesignfashion can meet your need.

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  • How to find good jeans wholesalers in China?

    蒋建强 2019-08-25 Post

    We are a professional online jeans wholesale supplier in China and we supply our jeans all over the world.

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  • Love is going by Jean

    蒋建强 2019-08-25 Post

    On morning, I saw a father riding a bicycle with his son, the little boy wearing denim short, who looked very cute and lively. What a wonderful day it is!As a jeans supplier, it is our pleasure and responsibility to supply wholesale jeans. As a normal perple, we appreciate ourselves. Thanks for life!

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  • 2019 Lady's new fashion jeans trend

    2019-01-01 Post

    New fashion denim jeans designs for lady.

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  • Chinese clothing wholesale websites

    2018-12-07 Post

    We are a jeans manufacturer and jeans wholesaler in China,there are many fashionable jeans apparel on our website.

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  • How to shop for jeans?

    2018-07-26 Post

    We know people always say that looking for love is hard; but have those people ever tried looking for a piece of jeans to wear?But Vdesign Fashion are making our lives that little bit easier by sharin

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