• How to Measure Jeans Waist, Rise and Length?

    admin 2022-08-05 Post

    This blog is talking about how to measure jeans, including jeans measurements of waist, hip, rise and length etc.

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  • Make custom jeans for your own brand

    Editor 2022-07-30 Post

    If you want to create something special for your wholesale jeans store, you will need a jeans factory to make custom jeans for you. Vdesign is one of the Jean manufacturer and supplier, which have more than 15 years experience on custom jeans producing

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  • How to Order Jeans From Online Jeans wholesale suppliers?

    admin 2022-07-28 Post

    Guangzhou has the largest jeans manufacturing and wholesale trading zone in China, also you can find them online.

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  • How jeans are made?

    2022-07-17 Post

    Nowadays, almost all people wear jeans, but rare people know how jeans are made, this blog is telling how custom jeans are made in Vdesign jean factory.

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