• Custom Bling Outfit for Your Jeans Brand

    admin 2022-08-16 Post

    Create bling jeans in VDESIGN jeans factory for best price, we supply diamond jeans and sequin jeans for online wholesale shops, and we can make jeans for instagram jeans clothing brands.

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  • How to find jeans manufacturers in China?

    Editor 2022-08-03 Post

    The best place for buying wholesale jeans in China is in Guangzhou City, there are a lot of wholesale jeans manufacturers in the jeans production area.

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  • Custom Jeans Manufacturer for Private Label Brands

    admin 2022-07-30 Post

    VDESIGN makes custom jeans for wholesale brands with their private labels, we offer premium jeans manufacturing service with good price.

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  • Make custom jeans for your own brand

    Editor 2022-07-30 Post

    If you want to create something special for your wholesale jeans store, you will need a jeans factory to make custom jeans for you. Vdesign is one of the Jean manufacturer and supplier, which have more than 15 years experience on custom jeans producing

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  • How jeans are made?

    2022-07-17 Post

    Nowadays, almost all people wear jeans, but rare people know how jeans are made, this blog is telling how custom jeans are made in Vdesign jean factory.

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  • Love is going by Jean

    蒋建强 2022-07-17 Post

    On morning, I saw a father riding a bicycle with his son, the little boy wearing denim short, who looked very cute and lively. What a wonderful day it is!As a jeans supplier, it is our pleasure and responsibility to supply wholesale jeans. As a normal perple, we appreciate ourselves. Thanks for life!

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  • What is the most important part of custom jeans?

    admin 2022-06-21 Post

    As a professional jeans manufacturer and supplier, we can meet all your needs, no matter you are looking for wholesale jeans, or make your own brand jeans.

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  • How To Find The Best Jeans Manufacturer?

    admin 2021-12-23 Post

    Jeans are the most popular and essential items in our wardrobes. How to find the high quality jeans manufacturer that can give you answer.

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