• How jeans are made?

    2021-12-06 Post

    Almost all people wear jeans. But only fewer people know how jeans manufacturing. Vdesign is jean manufacturer, which show you how a pair of jeans are made. 

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  • How to find jeans manufacturers in China?

    Editor 2021-12-06 Post

    The best place for buying wholesale jeans in China is in Guangzhou City, there are a lot of wholesale jeans manufacturers in the jeans production area.

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  • Why jeans price is so different?

    admin 2021-11-06 Post

    This article is describing why the price is so different of denim jeans, jeans price is determined by the fabric, workmenship, washing process and so on.

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  • How to buy wholesale jeans online?

    2021-11-01 Post

    The most important thing you should consider when you make wholesale jeans online.

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  • How to make good business in jeans wholesale?

    2021-11-01 Post

    Make good business in jeans wholesale, first you have to make good quality jeans products, a reliable jeans supplier can support you in your wholesale jeans business.

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  • Custom Made Women Sexy Denim Dress Wholesale Manufacturer

    admin 2021-10-13 Post

    Azul Criss Cross Simples sexy Denim Dresses,Wholesale Jean Dresses For Summer,Sexy Backless Denim Jean Dress Women; Women's Denim Dresses | Nordstrom; Vdesignfashion Women's Midi Button Denim; V Neck Spaghetti Straps Bodycon Party.

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  • Buy Jeans Online,Women's Jeans Wholesale China

    admin 2021-10-12 Post

    Women Jeans manufacturers & Jeans - Wholesale Jeans Suppliers, Branded Denim Jeans,Wholesale online catalogs of unique Italian women clothing, directly from manufacturers。

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  • Men's Navy Blue Skinny Fit Jean Wholesale

    admin 2021-10-11 Post

    Vdesignfashion is a leading manufacturer of Jeans which has grown its business in Jeans Wholesale and Jeans Export to retail sale of Jeans.

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