How to Order Jeans From Online Jeans wholesale suppliers?

2022-07-28 12:23:12

How to order jeans from online jeans wholesale suppliers?

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

First of all, you have to make it clear that you are looking for a jeans manufacturer to make custom jeans for your own design or buy wholesale stock jeans. Nowadays, it is easy to order jeans online because a lot of Chinese jeans suppliers speak good English, you can communicate with them easily.

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Let's talk about custom jeans wholesale first. It's also called make according to your own design. If you are looking for jeans manufacturer to make custom jeans, of course we are the one you can trust. Know more about us, you can visit Vdesignfashion website.  And there are lot of chinese jeans suppliersonline also. You can search jeans manufacturers on facebook and Linkedin or some where else. Please note: It is true that when you choose jeans suppliers online, you should find several potential partners, and compare with their price and service. We are located in Guangzhou city, one of the largest clothing manufacturing and trading city in China.

Then, let's talk about stock jeans for wholesale. You can easily find jeans wholesalers on line, by searching wholesale jeans on or visit b2b website. But there are 3 factors you should pay attention when buying wholesale jeans online.

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN


Jeans quality is the most important thing when buying wholesale jeans online. To grow your business healthily, you should take good care of it. Because all people like to wear high quality jeans.


When buying jeans online, it is very difficult to check the real products color. What you see is all pictures. The color on the photo will be a little different. That’s why we recommend our clients to buy samples first.


Size is a big problem when buying jeans from China. You know Chinese body figure is different from European and American people.  Chinese jeans size is usually 1 size smaller than EU size. When you buy wholesale jeans from Chinese suppliers make sure to confirm the size chart. Also you can find some wholesale suppliers who focus on EU and USA market, their jeans size will be more accurate.

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