How to measure jeans to the size chart?

2021-11-12 15:52:31

How to measure jeans for a size chart?

Size measurements mater jeans fit, that's why whosale jeans supplier and factories often ask you to provide a size chart at beginning. In this artical, As Experienced whosale jeans supplier, we will share with you how to measure jeans to the size chart. The most import parts of jeans sizing are: Waist, Hip, Thign, Knee, Length, Front Rise and Back Rise.

1: How to measure jeans waist

To measure jeans waist, Whosale jeans supplier keep jeans button and zipper close, firstly. And put the jeans relaxed and flat on a table or on floor, using a ruler measure it across the waistband. You can see the picture showing us the jeans is size 32. (16"*2). So you can only give (16"*2) to whosale jeans supplier, they can confirm the size is 32.

how to measure jeans waist

2: How to measure jeans hip

Normally, whosale jeans supplier measure jeans hip at 3 inches up from crotch, then measure hip from left to right.

how to measure jeans hip

how to measure jeans hips

3: How to measure thigh

Keep jeans flat, then measure thigh from crotch to the side. Like picture below. Whosale jeans supplier produce the jeans as standard public errand.

jeans measurement

4: How to measue jeans on knee

Whosale jeans supplier measure jeans on knee at 13 inches below crotch, then measure knee side to side.

jeans size measurement

jeans knee measurement

5: How to measure jeans leg opening

Measure jeans leg opening at edge of hem as it showes below.

measure jeans leg opening

6: How to measure front rise and back rise

Front rise: measure from crotch to the top edge from front. Back rise: measure from crotch to the top edge from backside of jeans.

front rise measurement

back rise measure

7: How to measure jeans length

There are 2 ways to describe jeans length, inseam and outseam. Normally we use only one to define jeans length. We measure inseam from crotch to hem, and outseam is from top to the bottom.

inseam and outseam measurement

8: How to make the size chart of jeans

It is very easy to make size chart, after measure the jeans, just fill in the form like bellow with the figure you get. Whosale jeans supplier and Factory deisgner will make jeans conversion according to it as a base size. Below is the size info of the jeans we showed in the blog.

ThighKneeLeg OpenFront RiseBack RiseLength

All by inch.

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