How to design your own jeans?

2020-05-18 11:00:34

Brand is a symbol of high quality. There are thousands of jeans brands all over the world. Today, we would like to share how to design jeans for your brand.

There are 3 parts you should consider when designing a jeans.

design jeans for your brand

1. Fitting

First you need to do market research, and check what fitting do consumers mostly like. After confirmed fitting part, you can move to the next step, style design.

2. Style

In this step, you can make a jeans design sketch or draw the design on a piece of paper. Factory can make your designs in real according to the sketch or drawing. You can put any ideas on the designs, such as print, embroidery etc


3. Color

You can have many colors, because jeans are made of raw material, they can be washed in o different color in washing factory.

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