How jeans are made?

2022-07-17 21:30:39

How jeans are made?

In our daily life almost all people wear jeans. But rare of you know how jeans are made? Today, let's introduce how custom jeans are made in vdesign jeans factory. VDESIGN is a professional jeans manufacturer in China. We make all kind of denim jeans at cheap price. To make jeans there are 5 main steps to follow: Design, Cut, Sewing, Washing and Packing.  If you are looking to get your own jeans design custom made with your private label. Vdesign Fashion is right here for you needs.

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How jeans are made - Step 1: Designing

To make jeans, the first step is to making pattern designs. It's including jeans measurements and style designs. When make custom designed jeans, jeans factory designer will confirm jeans fit and size scale then they will make pattern design on computer.

How jeans are made - Step 2: Fabric Cutting

After jeans designer finished pattern design, they will print on paper. Our jeans worker will cut the fabric according to the pattern on pater. This is the starting in jeans production.

How jeans are made - Step 3: Sewing Jeans in The Factory

After jean manufacturer cut the material, the jeans will be completed in the jeans sewing workshop. We have 70 expeirenced sewing workers and monthly output is about 50000 pcs. will cut the fabric according to customer's size and ratio. A good quality jeans should be sewed with at least 8 neadles in an inch.

How jeans are made - Step 4: Wash Jeans and Get The Expected Color

In this step, jeans are almost done. When jeans are finished sewing work, they will be sent to washing factory. Here we can wash our jeans in many colors. For example, we can get light blue, dark Blue, Black jean etc. And we can make crafts on jeans. Such as Monkey Wash, Sandblasting, Hand Brushing, Whisker, Wrinkle, Grinding, Destroyed. So if you want to customized color jeans, please inquiry us. There are many washing methods we can choose. Garment Wash, Stone Wash, Enzyme Wash, Snow Wash, Vintage Wash, ACID Wash.

How jeans are made - Step 5: Jeans Quality Check & Packing

This is the last step in jeans production line. Jeans will be sent to packing center after washing. We will do the ending work here. Such as Cutting threads, Ironing, puting accessories. Before packing each jeans in o a poly bag our QC staff will check the goods carefully.

VDESIGN is one of the largest jean manufacturer in south of China. OEM and customized jean can be supplied. If you looking for Jeans manufacturer, Vdesign is the your best choice.

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