Denim Manufacturing Process In OEM Jeans Factory

2022-07-24 11:52:38

Denim Manufacturing Process In OEM Jeans Factory

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OEM Jeans Instructions

OEM Jeans means Original Equipment Jeans Manufacturer. OEM jeans refers to a denim manufacturer producing jeans apparels for clothing brands or customers according to their requirements, also known as custom jeans service or denim processing. It is a production method that large jeans companies could find their represent outsourced processing to reduce production costs and increase brand added value.

jeans manufacturing process

Jeans Manufacturing Process

  1. First of all, the denim manufacturer will find the same fabric in the market according to the sample provided by the customer, and then select the most suitable one.

  2. Then the designer in the jean factory will make the pattern according to customer's requirement, he will make pattern, grade and mark according to the shrinkage rate of the fabric.

  3. The jeans factory worker will cut the material according to the designing frame they got. Before cutting, the fabric should be separated by colors.

  4. After the jeans fabric are cut, the sewing worker will carefully check the requirements of the relevant details of the production order, and make it according to the production order under the guidance of the manager.

  5. When the denim garments are finished, they will be sent to the washing factory and washed according to the approved washing samples. The key to jeans quality is in the washing process, jeans can be washed and crafted into all kind of colors and designs in washing factory.

  6. After washing, the denim garments will be sent to the packing department; after thread trimming, ironing, buttoning, quality inspection and packaging, then the entire jeans manufacturing process is completed.

jeans manufacturing process

Banifits Of OEM Jeans For Brands And Wholesalers

  • It can reduce the expenses for denim brand owners or wholesalers, because they do not need to invest in fixed assets such as plants and equipment.

  • Jeans brands and wholesalers do not need to spend a lot of money in R&D, the jeans manufacturer could help them to create their own denim wears.

  • Jeans brands and jeans wholesalers can focus on sales and not waste time in managing jeans production processes.

  • Professional OEM jeans manufacturer could offer competitive price, guaranteed jeans quality with short production lead time.

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