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2021-10-12 21:08:46

Our jeans are on-trend and fashionable to no end. Boyfriend fits are the new ‘it’, while traditional straight and skinnies are still sartorial staples. Distressed denim has torn into the limelight, poking holes in the notion that outerwear has to cover everywhere this winter. And let’s not neglect the trusty trouser, attesting to tantalising workplace fashion. All this and more is available at shockingly cheap wholesale prices.

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Welcome to our store, there are many fantastic clothes in our store,always provide High quality product at a good price.We accept mixed order,Please leave massage in the order,if you have any special request,Please be free to contact us,if you have any problems. we are professional clothing supplier for Men and Women.Just Choose What you want to wear.Such as tshirts,dresses,hoodies,jackets,jeans,jogger pants. original brand, all products with Top quality.Accepted ;100% ,Mix Order Accepted, please be free to contact us.

Top Brands That Have The Best Torn Jeans

For women, some of the popular brands that feature great quality ripped jeans are—Blinkin, IcOswal, and Fashionstylus. They have slim fit to baggy tone jeans, that’s customized especially for women.

Distressed Ripped Jeans

Ico Blue Star has been leading the way when it comes to jeans. Be it the high waisted jeans and acid washed distressed jeans or the boot cuts. Ico Blue Star has ensured they are always at the top of the market regarding quality and style. Ragzo is a popular brand for men. Ragzo prides themselves on being able to combine the distressed jeans with the ripped jeans. Creating small rips along the jeans instead of one big one. Fashion Stylus has also managed to create a unique grunge damage jeans that are high quality and versatile.

High Waisted Ripped Jeans

Blinkin is a worthy challenger to the heavyweights of the denim world. Their affordable and trendy ripped jeans have many combinations and styles that are sure to please the pickiest of customers. Blinkin’s high waisted tone jeans are one of the most comfortable in the market. The brand has managed to combine the design of high waisted jeans with ripped jeans to create a unique style. It will both complement the figure but also add a distressed aesthetic to the outfit.

Boyfriend Jeans

Cali Republic has begun to make waves within the denim industry. Their designs are fresh, unique and comfortable. Cali Republic prides themselves on their innovative designs. The brand brings together boyfriend jeans with ripped jeans. Cali Republic is a highly affordable brand that is high in quality and design. Their fresh approach to the denim market could diversify the potential choices for customers looking to buy a new pair of jeans.

New designs and styles are always entering the market. It is important to be up to date on the potential stylistic and fit changes that are available before purchasing denim. Ensure adequate research, fit and feel before committing to a pair of denim. Jeans are excellent long term investments, they not only last long but look and feel better as time passes. Pair standard navy blue ripped jeans with t-shirts that have interesting prints to create a sense of intrigue to the passing public. Match those high waisted jeans with a half top and declare your arrival in style. Mix and match potential combinations of jeans with many tops, t-shirts or shirts to find a trend that is identifiable.  A single pair of denim jeans could set the tone of a wardrobe, make a statement about someone's style or declare the intent of those wearing it.

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