• Asian and Korean fashion styles

    2018-06-26 Post

    Fashion is an ever changing concept. Fashion lies icon style, fashion lies in presentation, fashion lies in the way you talk and also on the way you perceive things. style changes from country to coun


  • Overview of China apparel industry

    2018-06-24 Post

    The Chinese economy continues its dynamic performance, averaging about 10% growth for the last 5 years. As barriers to entry are reduced, more and more businesses are considering their entry in o Chin


  • You will succeed in jeans wholesaling business by doing the 8 things

    2018-06-16 Post

    Most apparel retailers get stock by obtaining mass and wholesale loads of clothes from different suppliers, manufacturers and merchants. Wholesaling purchase is important so as to make a benefit,


  • Lady's jeans buying guide

    2018-06-09 Post

    Jeans is a  staple fashion for many people. They love wearing jeans, but may have trouble finding flattering  jeans. If you don't know what to look for when you're online shopping, t


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