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2021-09-18 20:40:33

Wholesalers & Vendors For Women's Clothing,Wholesale Womens Denim Clothing,Jeans Manufacturers & Suppliers in China.We have premium brands in wholesale quantity. Source for e-commerce, resale & more. Jomar Wholesale Provides Access To Basic And Designer Brands At Wholesale Pricing。

The current size range offered by Cello Jeans goes from size 1-13 and small to X-large in US measurements and includes a plus-size collection including 14-22 and 1X-3X. Styles and cuts featured on the website include skinny, crop, high waisted, flared, boyfriend, mom, straight, flare, plus skinny, plus crop, and plus flare.




The pair of jeans that combines both style and comfort! A high-waist fashionable piece of garment that will compliment any style! Wear it to a party with a perfect crop top or pair it with your favorite tee on a casual day out! Adorns a fashionable flare pattern. Material: Cotton Button up and zipper closure for a secure fit.


One of their top pull factors is the number of designers and styles they carry. Their site offers over 1000 styles, making it easy to find jeans that fit every store’s aesthetic. They also offer 3 to 5-day international shipping to over 80 countries making last-minute orders a breeze.


This women’s wholesale jean supplier is committed to keeping their products current and comfortable while remaining at accessible prices. Their primary demographic is the younger generation of buyers, Millennials and Gen Z, and they know exactly how to keep these consumers coming back for more.

The supplier takes pride in creating jeans that are more than just stylish; the jeans provide comfort and confidence in every wear. Becoming a supplier of Vdesignfashion Blue Jeans is not for the inexperienced. For your application to be approved, the company requires you to provide recent invoices from at least two recent wholesale vendors.

One thing you can know for sure, this brand knows what it’s doing. They offer an inclusive size range of 0 through 5X, making them compatible with any buyer.

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