How to choose jeans for ladies?

2021-09-18 19:59:17

Tips1: how to judge the quality of jeans.

The color of the jeans is very positive, indicating that the jeans are good, and the poor jeans look very unnatural. Because the washing technology is better, so how to wash good jeans will not fade, bad jeans, the first washing will fade.

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Tips2: how to choose the style of jeans.

Choose jeans and don't get too skinny unless you're in good shape, and you can go straight to the next one with long legs and thin waists. Try to choose jeans with a looser waist. if you don't have thin legs but wear tight jeans that only make your legs look thicker, a slightly looser version can properly decorate the leg lines and hide the meat from the legs. If you want to be taller and thinner, you must try the shape of your broad legs, covering your hips and thighs, which is the gospel of a pear-shaped girl!

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Tips3: how to choose the color of jeans.

The color of jeans is relatively simple, basically divided into two kinds, one is indigo, the other is blue and black. In the hot summer, jeans try to choose indigo blue, it will be cooler to wear. Blue and black color is darker, not reflective and endothermic, is not suitable for summer wear. Secondly, some jeans with washing technology are also a good choice, light blue, but also nostalgic flavor, fashion effect is also very good.

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