Chinese clothing wholesale websites

2018-12-07 23:15:59

With the development of information technology, more and more people tend to purchase products from internet. If you are looking for some information about Chinese wholesale companies, then you are in the right place. I am a native Chinese. Let me show you something about Chinese wholesale websites and products.


China is a leading manufacturing country, in almost all the commodity all over the world. They have a great wholesale market particularly in electronics, plastic items, and fashion clothing.

Some Chinese wholesale stores have opened up both on online platforms and offline stores. The demand of these items are more because people like the stuff and they enjoy being up-to-date.

The market booms and so does anyone’s business. So, people who want to dive in o selling items like these on an e-commerce website can definitely source their products from China. We will mention some amazing wholesale website that has become popular recently and people love their things. 

Popular Chinese Wholesale Websites


Here you can find many factories. This placform is opening for custome orders and some  wholesaling. Our site is quite like HAHA. We are a jeans manufacturer and jeans wholesaler in China, you can find various jeans styles on our website: We have plenty fashionable jeans apparel for wholesale. And also we can produce any jeans style according to your designs. 

2. Made-in-China

This platform is for customer to find chinese manufacturers and dealers. It includs almost all  the commodity.


It is a big wholesale market in which different sellers can list their products. This enables other people to buy from small or medium range producers and manufactures. The website was started in 2004 and their motto is ‘Buy Globally. Sell Globally’. 

4. Aliexpress

This is a wholesale and dropshipping platform , and the products are provided by sub-suppliers mainly from China, so there are millions of products there. 

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