How To Rock: Jeans, Mesh and Plaid Shirt

2018-07-13 10:44:08

Usually the casual look does's require much effort, a nice pair of jeans, a good plaid shirt and proper shoes and you are well dressed, however sometimes lack a more striking piece. That’s where a mesh like this photo, with these clippings in blue and stamped by leaving the rice and beans.
Because it works.

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Working only with shades of blue and neutral color palette is ultra safe to a man, the jeans have an incredible washing with a great effect 3d close to pockets, a plaid shirt by itself already well hold the look, but the sweater He came to close the combo of remarkable and relaxed way. The leather belt has a very beautiful caramel shade and no need here that it matches the shoes, well suited moccasin boot the purpose of this look.
It would not be the same if …

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We changed the mesh by other smooth, the combination would lose its greatest asset.


Use a less washed jeans and a shoe as a loafer in the same tone of this boot, the look will be a little more serious and may be more suitable for certain situations.
Summing up:

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A nice mesh can be touch missing in his look;
Jeans with a good wash and a beautiful plaid shirt can handle the visual, but think if you want something more;
In such a casual combination is not necessary to combine the belt;
For a more discreet result, delete some of the effects jeans or opt for a plain shirt.

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