How to find good clothing wholesaler?

2018-12-24 23:00:03

Many clothing vendors feel very difficult to find a good clothing wholesaler? Now I share with you some ideas on how to find a good clthing supplier. There are 4 aspects we need to take for consideration when choosing a good clothing supplier.

1. Price

We need to check if their price is more competitive than other shops. We have to agree that if we get cheaper price than our competitors, we will be more confident to win the market. So price is very important.

2. Quality

We surely can not just keep eyes on the price. As a jeans manufacturer, we know how those suppliers to reduce cost. According to my experience, we have a customer from guangzhou clothing wholesale market. He always require thin and unsmooth polyester fabric. After the goods coming with unsmooth hand feel, the color not nice. Anyway, you have your own quality standard, it is better to make a small trail order to test their cloth before you buy in bulk.


Fashion changes quickly. A good clothing wholesaler should update their designs frequently. 

4. Service

Last but not the least, sales service must be considered. 

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