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2021-10-18 21:29:34

Vdesignfashion offers the quality you and your customers deserve. We do extensive research to understand the features consumers look for. We are committed to provide our consumers with the perfect pair of jeans. Explore our extensive range of best selling jeans. Our selection of stylish wholesale clothing are made to last and is practical for any or all seasons. Using the finest fabric, we offer you an easy to wear and comfortable pair of jeans designed to withstand the wear and tear of time. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and take full advantage of our wide collection of high-quality denim at prices you will not get anywhere else. Get in touch if you have questions.Each pair is designed intricately with lots of love and attention. The fabric and stitching of our wholesale jeans is of highest quality.

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Jeans Manufacturers,Custom Jeans Factory

Seasonal Concept Creation

"It always starts with a Concept for the season. Our creative juices flow season after season creating collection concepts with updated information on current trends. Keeping in touch on innovations with all raw material, dyeing processes, and washing techniques is always key when conceiving these concepts."

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Raw Materials Sourcing

" Once concepts are arrived upon we look to source the required raw materials to match from responsible sources all over the world. We have chosen to work with a few sources who we can depend on for collaboration in our goal of providing materials that meet with our ethos of reducing waste, toxicity and produced with an empathetic management team respectful of all behind each product."

Creation of Prototype

"Next we design actual styles and silhouettes based on concepts and materials sourced and sew up the prototypes in our sampling department for each and treat them with our specialized techniques in our laundry lab to bring about the final special product for offer. "

Garment Production

"This next stage is to actually producethe actual garments in bulk, according to orders received on our offers. This is done in our numerous production lines set up for efficiency and quality for each article. Dedicated management teams with decades of experience handle each line. "

Our Special

Dry Processes

"At our laundry is what we like to say is where we add “Soul” to our jeans, and today, to all our products. Dry process techniques of hand scraping, whiskering, and grinding are so important to what we see as the final product. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details” – and we are very fussy about getting these right – it’s a passion."

Our Special-Wet Processes

"A beautiful dry process needs a complimenting wet process to bring out the details, we go back 3 decades doing this with precision and care."

Special Trends-Final Product

"A final product from us, crafted responsibly, that will gratify your eyes and satisfy your soul."

Wholesale & Custom Denim Pants Manufacturer | VDESIGN

Looking for wholesale jeans? Including highest quality ripped jeans, denim jeans, high waisted jeans, butt lifting jeans, and distressed jeans at wholesale prices. Our export quality jeans collection is made of premium denim and available at amazing wholesale prices that will give you huge profit margins. We are a registered jeans supplier in the China and our jeans are made to fit all body types and shapes. Vdesignfashion Wholesale offers a wide range and variety of jeans in bulk that has something for each of your customers. We promise to provide the quality your customers will love.The next time you need any kind of jeans for your retail business, we can provide what you need at the lowest possible rates. Get your hands on the pair of jeans designed to last.

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