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2021-10-18 15:09:20

Since the introduction of "blue jeans" as working clothes for miners and denim in the 1870s, these iconic garments have developed into popular casual wear in the world today. There are various jeans designs to suit different tastes and fashions. An important part of its appeal is the worn appearance, which is obviously aged and worn, but still intact. The washing process improves the fastness performance of indigo jeans. In addition, by changing the washing type, various fashionable appearances can be obtained.

In this artical we will explain how jeans are washed in the washing factory.

Jeans washing are in few steps, some of the main steps discussed here are: 1. Pre-treatment 2. Washing 3. Coloring and dyeing 4. Soften 5. Drying


This step will remove the sizing material and the impurities generated during fabric weaving and jeans production, which may cause problems in the next washing steps.


After the denim garments are pre-treated, different types of washing will be carried out according to the samples. Some commonly used washing types are: a: Stone wash b: Acid wash c: Enzyme Wash d: Bleach wash

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Coloring and dyeing

After washing, garments will be tinted or dyed based on the sample. Tinting is used change the hue or tone of indigo. It gives the denim garment a worn or used look. This process takes from 5 to 15 minutes, and is followed dye-fixing and clean-up of superficial dye.


Since denim is a heavy fabric, it needs to be softened. One of the main problems encountered in this process is yellowing, that is, the change of color or the loss of whiteness. All organic polymers (such as cotton) are prone to yellowing. Especially indigo dyed fabrics are very easy to yellow.


In this stage, jeans are almost ready. We normally use hang dry and tumble dry.

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