How To Find Jeans Wholesalers & Manufacturers in China

2022-07-25 15:37:25

How To Find Jeans Wholesalers & Manufacturers in China?


The majority of jeans wholesalers and manufacturers are located in Guangdong province, China. If you are looking for chinese jeans suppliers, you can search on the internet or go to the denim manufacturing bases in China, - Xintang Town, which is one of the bigget jeans production zone in China, it carries full and mature jeans supply chain. Jeans manufacturers and jeans wholesalers near production area would provide more competitive price and they are more professional. 

jeans manufacturers in China

In China, more and more jeans companies are tend to do business online, because it's more efficient with low cost. There are many wholesale jeans suppliers and jeans manufacturers online, and it's very convenient to get in touch with them. You can find their information easily, what you need to do is to choose the right wholesale jeans supplier & manufacturer. 

jeans wholesale supplier in China

Tips: You can find several (1-3) jeans companies to compare and choose the best one to manufacture jeans for you. And it's better to request a sample to to check the quality before make bulk jeans orders.

If you are looking for China Jeans Wholesalers and manufacturers, here we have a jeans manufacturers list for you, and you can try the other ways to find jeans suppliers.

  1. Search engines like: Google, Bing, Yahoo etc 

  2. B2B platforms like: Alibaba, Made-In-China, Global source etc.

  3. Social media like: face book, instagram, linkedin etc

If you are in China, and are trying to find jeans suppliers. Guangzhou is your best choice, as it is famous for jeans and clothing manufacturing. There are many clothing wholesale markets near Guangzhou Railway Station.

Guangzhou wholesale jeans market

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