How to find Chinese jeans wholesale suppliers?

2019-10-23 12:56:47

How to find jeans manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China?


You can find jeans manufacturers online. If you are in China, you can find jeans factories offline. Chinese jeans manufacturers are mainly located in Xintang Town, Guangzhou City.


If you are looking to jeans factories online, there are some sites you might have a try.


1. Firstly, on search engine like Google.

  • Put in some keywords like Chinese jeans factory on google search engine. You will get many related result, check their website one by one. Find the one you like and contact with them.


2. Secondly, search on b2b site like alibaba.

  • Alibaba is one of the biggest b2b platforms on earth. You can find jeans supplier here, there are many jeans dealers and trading companies. They can help you to complete your order. And in this platform you can easily compare price with each supplier.


If you are in China, Guangzhou is your best choice for jeans manufacturing, as it is famous for clothing.


1. Finding jeans suppliers in Guangzhou:


  • You can visit some markets near railway station. Many jeans venders accept custom jeans order. In Guangzhou, you can not only find factory supplier, but you also can get jeans in stock. Some plaza offer stock jeans for wholesaling like Time Building, Fuli Building.


2. Also you can go to Xintang Town, The jeans production zone


  • Xintang is about 40 km from Guangzhou Railway station. It is the biggest jeans production zone in China. According to the data, more than 40% of jeans in the world are made in China, More than 60% of jeans in China are made in Xintang.

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