Custom Jeans Design_Custom Design Denim Jeans

2021-09-26 21:20:05

Design your own jeans by selecting the fabric, details and give your measurement. Follow the instructions carefully and place the order.

Design single piece denims for your customers
With our online design tool Denim Defined your jeans department turns into a jeans atelier where customers experience new fabrics, washings, lining, personal design options, and the possibility to change their fit profile in time.



Order Jeans Online

Select fabric, designing details and provide measurement - body or garment

Clone your jeans - all you need to do is select fabric and we will arrange pickup of your jeans.


Custom Made

Once you place order each jeans is hand crafted specially for you. Before we put the jeans in production we do a check to see if measurement are in proportion and will send an email to reconfirm and if necessary will ask for more details.


Quick Delivery

Your made to measure Jeans is shipped and arrives at your door in about 4-6 weeks. Free Shipping world-wide. You pay only the jeans cost.

After Sales Service

Once you order and you get the tailored jeans we take your feedback regarding the fit and update your measurement profile for any change's so that you have the perfect profile saved for reorder of your custom jeans.We changed the way how you can order and sell jeans

We at Custom Made Jeans Company are changing the way tailors can order and sell jeans.
Our goal is to offer your customers perfect fitted one-of-a-kind jeans, custom made, with the best comfort and luxury. All made with the finest fabrics in the world available today.


Custom made products will not only give you more satisfied customers, but it also gives you the possibility to link with your customer for a longer period. In addition, you do not need to hold stock anymore and it is more environmentally friendly.

With our online design tool Denim Defined, you can compose and order unique custom-made jeans personalized to your customer’s wishes.


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