2021 Best men's denim jeans for summer and autumn

2021-09-22 22:42:35

Slim Jeans For Men

  • Slim Jeans Satisfy The Desire For A Modernist Silhouette And A Suave Sartorial Attitude. Slim-fit Jeans Come In Black, Blue And Gray To Suit Every Denim Persuasion Which Will Work Year-round And From Day To Night.

Men’s jeans are a must-have in every wardrobe, and they have to fit just right. That’s why our denim comes in straight and slim fits, three lengths and a range of washes.


Best jeans for men in 2021

If you’re just getting started on your jeans collection or are looking to branch out of your everyday pair, these are some expert-recommended and highly rated jeans to shop.




Best straight-leg jeans

Leverton noted that men's denim trends are very similar to women's right now: “What I would consider a 'classic look' would be a straight-slim — much looser than a skinny jean, straight-legged and simple,” she said. For a slightly tapered, summer-friendly look, she suggested rolling up the hem.

With so many options of fits, washes, tapers, styles, and rises (and that’s just the beginning), buying jeans can feel like you’re solving a rubik’s cube for your legs.

By the end of this guide you’ll know how jeans should fit and you’ll have the best denim pick for your particular body type.

If you’re in a rush, here are our top picks across the most popular fits:

Even though the world has caught up to the rugged, relabut both styles play visual tricksxed nature of denim, having a great pair of jeans is still a must for every guy.

There’s a reason why jeans are so popular. And it’s all down to that ‘V’ word. No, not that one, you creep.


Think about it—what other styles of pants work at cocktail parties, concerts, and weddings?

But finding the perfect jeans is a bit like pulling Excalibur from its stone. There’s one pair out there meant for you. Find them, and you’ll wield untold power (actually, you’ll just look nice—but that’s powerful).

Best Straight Fit Jeans for Men

The standard cut—no frills. Straight fit jeans have no taper, so you won’t get any slimming effect.

That being said, a straight fit is perfect for guys with bulkier legs and bigger backsides.

Jeans made in comfort stretch denim. Like the name implies, this dry, deep blue, option has been through 16 indigo dips. Unlike other stretch denim, these are not rinsed, so they are stiffer, and will shrink a bit more. Account for inseam shrinkage of 2% and 4.5-6% in width. Thus, sizing down is not recommended.

3 Best Skinny Jeans for Men

Skinny jeans are difficult to pull off. They really only work for guys who are—you guessed it—skinny.

If you’re average weight, or even slightly under-average weight, we recommend skipping skinny jeans and going to slim.

If you’re still here, well, we envy your metabolism. These skinny jeans are made by some of the most trusted brands in the business.







Best Relaxed Fit Jeans for Men

Relaxed fit is a great option for guys on the larger side.

These brands have more style than your run-of-the-mill jeans, but they carry extra room in the back, crotch, and thigh.

3 Best Jeans for Older Men

When looking for jeans as an older guy, you may want to try a higher rise.

High-rise jeans come up above the waist. This can flatten the stomach and give more length to your legs, giving you a slimmer, streamlined look.

3 Best Jeans for Tall Men

Tall guys who don’t buy the right pair of jeans are destined for chilly ankles.

It can be hard finding jeans in stock that have 36, 38, and even 40” inseams. A lot of tall men we speak to say they just get the longest inseam length they can find relative to their waist fit and suffer in short-pants hell.

Luckily, a few brands have stepped up and pitched in some extra fabric.

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