• Make custom jeans for your brand.

    Editor 2020-05-18 Post

    A professional jeans manufacturer is the best solution of jeans customization for your brand.

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  • How to design your own jeans?

    Editor 2020-05-18 Post

    Brand is a symbol of high quality. There are thousands of jeans brands all over the world. Today, we would like to share how to design jeans for your brand.

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  • What maters the cost in jeans manufacturing

    Editor 2020-05-04 Post

    It is very sensitive to talk about price in business. Because it can influence a deal if price is not reasonable. It is the same thing in jeans manufacturing. Here we gathered 4 points which will mate

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  • Bling Fashion Denim Wear Designs

    Editor 2020-04-25 Post

    New trends of diamond denim apparels, fashionable hot fixed diamond jeans clothing recomeds.

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  • What jeans styles are most wanted in Panama?

    Editor 2020-04-10 Post

    A comfort slim fit and skinny jeans is very popular in Panama. According to a vendor, blue shade corlored and skinny fit jeans are most wanted in Panama.

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  • Online jeans wholesaler

    2020-04-06 Post

    If you are looking to buy wholesale jeans online, yep, you're in the right place. You can find all types of fashion jeans here on www.vdesignfashion.com

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  • Organic Cotton Denim Jacket Order From Holand Client

    Editor 2020-02-15 Post

    After our client received our organic denim jackets, they were very happy with our production.

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  • Jeans from work uniform to a symbol of fashion

    Editor 2020-01-05 Post

    Jeans is a pant made from denim or dungaree fabric. It has a reputation of never go out of fashion. Because it is functional and practical, that is why it can so popular yearly. Today let us take a lo

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  • Mr.Mohamed Lady Denim Jackets Order

    Editor 2020-01-05 Post

    First Cooperation with our clients in Algerial for lady jeans jackets.

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  • New Fashion Jeans Designs Women

    2019-12-27 Post

    Latest fashion women denim jeans wear 2020.

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  • Feedback from wholesale jeans clients in USA

    Editor 2019-12-26 Post

    We are so appreciate that our wholesale client in USA is satisfied with our jeans. He says our jeans are good quality.

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  • Saudi Arabia Men Jeans Client

    Editor 2019-12-26 Post

    Eagle-Exchange is a mid-to-high-end apparel company in Saudi Arabia. We have been worked together since 2015. They are a clothing wholesaler in Saudi. Mr.Morad is the manager, in the picture(left), he

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  • Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2020

    Editor 2019-12-20 Post

    Guangzhou VDESIGN Fashion wishes you a Merry Christmas and Hppy New Year.

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  • How to dress men jeans to look good

    Editor 2019-11-24 Post

    Jeans are easy matching with other apparels, you can wear jeans with T-shirt or match with sweater and also you can wear jeans with denim jacket.

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  • Some tips on how to wash your jeans to keep original color

    Editor 2019-11-23 Post

    Here are some tips on how you wash your jeans to keep it as original color.

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  • How to grow your clothing business?

    2019-10-23 Post

    Recently clothing markets are surely quiet. Today let us talk about how the clothing export business is in China, and how to keep clothing business keep growing.

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  • How to find Chinese jeans wholesale suppliers?

    2019-10-23 Post

    You can find jeans manufacturers and suppliers online and offline, Chinese jeans factories are mainly located in Guangzhou City.

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  • How to reduce risk when make custom jeans?

    admin 2019-10-16 Post

    Today you will get some tips on how to reduce risk when make custom jeans.

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  • Fashion Trends Of Man Jeans

    2019-10-05 Post

    Fashion trends of men jeans include: men ripped jeans, slim fit jeans, skinny jeans.

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  • How to identify good quality jeans?

    蒋建强 2019-08-30 Post

    You can easily identify good quality jeans by turn a pair of jeans trousers inside out. You just need to check the quality of the stitching and sewing. For good quality jeans, there should be 8-10 needles in an inch.

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  • Where can I make jeans under 5 USD?

    蒋建强 2019-08-29 Post

    The cost of a pair of jeans is mainly based on fabrics, designs, washing effects, and accessories. As a jeans supplier we can give you professional suggestions on how to make cheap jeans.

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  • What should you know before buying jeans?

    蒋建强 2019-08-29 Post

    Today you will learn how to buy jeans pants for you. First, you should know what kind of fit cutting you are going to wear. We are a professional online jeans wholesale supplier, we have a lot of new jeans designs

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  • What is the most important factor of the jeans?

    刘家齐 2019-08-26 Post

    Jeans are a special kind of clothing. The main feature of jeans is it can last long time. Fabric is the most important factor of the jeans. As jean manufacturer and supplier, Vdesignfashion can meet your need.

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  • How to find good jeans wholesalers in China?

    蒋建强 2019-08-25 Post

    We are a professional online jeans wholesale supplier in China and we supply our jeans all over the world.

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  • How to find good clothing wholesaler?

    蒋建强 2019-08-25 Post

    Many apparel dealers feel difficult to find a jeans wholesaler online. After you go through this article you will have some ideas on how to find a good jeans supplier and jeans factory online.

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  • Love is going by Jean

    蒋建强 2019-08-25 Post

    On morning, I saw a father riding a bicycle with his son, the little boy wearing denim short, who looked very cute and lively. What a wonderful day it is!As a jeans supplier, it is our pleasure and responsibility to supply wholesale jeans. As a normal perple, we appreciate ourselves. Thanks for life!

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  • How to wear light color jeans?

    2019-06-08 Post

    here are are some ways of how to match with your light washed jeans.

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  • Guangzhou well-known clothing wholesale centers

    2019-01-12 Post

    As you may know, guangzhou is the biggest fashion wholesale center in China. You can get all kind of apparels here. In this article, I will introduce some famous wholesale market in Guangzhou to you.

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  • Where can I find low MOQ jeans factory?

    2019-01-12 Post

    We are a professional jeans factory in China. We can produce jeans according to your designs. We accept small quantity order. Low MOQ OEM are welcomed.

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  • Jeans manufacturing process

    2019-01-12 Post

    Almost all people wear jeans. But only fewer people know how jeans are made. My topic today is how a pair of jeans are made. There 4 steps in jeans production line. 

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  • 2019 Lady's new fashion jeans trend

    2019-01-01 Post

    New fashion denim jeans designs for lady.

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  • Happy New Year 2019!

    2018-12-31 Post

    Dear customer,Happy new year. We wish you a prosperous new year in 2019. Thank you very much for your support and understanding in the past, we will keep on the good work and continue to improve our s

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  • What benefit does custom made jeans bring?

    2018-12-31 Post

    You will have more benefit if you purchase jeans in a jeans factory. 1 Cheap price 2 Good quality 3 New styles.

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  • Why jeans is so popular in clothing industry?

    2018-12-22 Post

    Everyone knows jeans is one of the most popular styles of apparel. Jeans are worn by men,women and childrens. And jeans will never go out of fashion.  Due to the sheer strength and durability of

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  • Fashion boo-boos

    2018-12-17 Post

    Not all of us have figures of supermodels and certainly not all of us dress like one.However, there are just some fashion mistakes that any girl must not make,regardless of her level of "fashion-

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  • We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    2018-12-07 Post

    Dear Customer,We wish you a merry christmas and happy new year.Thank you very much for your support in the past year. 

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  • Chinese clothing wholesale websites

    2018-12-07 Post

    We are a jeans manufacturer and jeans wholesaler in China,there are many fashionable jeans apparel on our website.

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  • Welcome to establish a website link with us

    2018-12-07 Post

    We are a jeans wholesaler and manufacturer, we look for apparel concerned website to exchange a web link.

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  • 10 Easy Styling Tips to dress like a Rock Star Look.

    2018-11-25 Post

    "So tell me what's the ultimate rock star look?" people ask me expecting that I should have the answer, being the designer of that clothing line called Fashion Rocks. Indeed, on Goo

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  • How to shop for jeans?

    2018-07-26 Post

    We know people always say that looking for love is hard; but have those people ever tried looking for a piece of jeans to wear?But Vdesign Fashion are making our lives that little bit easier by sharin

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  • How To Rock: Jeans, Mesh and Plaid Shirt

    2018-07-13 Post

    Usually the casual look does's require much effort, a nice pair of jeans, a good plaid shirt and proper shoes and you are well dressed, however sometimes lack a more striking piece. That’s where a

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  • Your Winter Fashion With Ripped Jeans

    2018-07-07 Post

    Jeans are the best friend of all ladies. Whenever they don’t know what to wear, their favorate denim pieces are here to save them. In winter most of us are upset that we have to give up the

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  • Skinny fit is always in fashion

    2018-07-07 Post

    Skinny jeans come in many styles that can easily suit to everyone’s taste.As the years went by, skinny have slightly changed by embracing different styles every year, back in the ’90, Calvin Klein str

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  • How to identify a good quality jeans?

    2018-07-07 Post

    Many jeans wholesaler and distributors do not know how to identify a good quality jeans. Most of them pay more attention on price when they serching a product.  So they will spend a little time t

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  • The Best Collection For This Fall

    2018-06-29 Post

    We’re of the opinion that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear the same pair of jeans for days on end—after all, when you find the black skinnies or vintage Levi's that fit like they were made for yo

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  • You will succeed in jeans wholesaling business by doing the 8 things

    2018-06-16 Post

    Most apparel retailers get stock by obtaining mass and wholesale loads of clothes from different suppliers, manufacturers and merchants. Wholesaling purchase is important so as to make a benefit,

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  • Lady's jeans buying guide

    2018-06-09 Post

    Jeans is a  staple fashion for many people. They love wearing jeans, but may have trouble finding flattering  jeans. If you don't know what to look for when you're online shopping, t

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